We were suppose to announce the winner in early June of 2014. However, due to the tough competition and huge number of people who applied, we had to take an extra month to evaluate the decision. But here it finally is, the winner of the “Press Competition” of 2014. Every year, we elect a winner, who deserves this award, thanks to outstanding work as creating an online production of tremendous value. And the winner is:

Shichahai Theatre

This theatre that hosts a Kung Fu Panda show has been running for several years and reached much success. But the theatre decided that it was not enough and went out to create the perfect online production in order to attract more tourists to their show in Beijing.

What was their secret to the second success in their long history. It was in simple, yet useful interaction that was created within the content that was presented.  According to the administrator:

To not only get the attention of the press, but the even the smallest of customers, one needs to be able to create a platform that gives a direct message as well as easy options to choose from.

And we couldn’t agree more with the Shichahai Theatre staff, that their ability to create a feeling of choice while still electing these choices for the customer has been very skilful. Let’s say for example a presentation video, was created so that you could choose between YouTube and Youku. Being aware of the market, and knowing which platform the user might want to use is essential. Simply giving one choice is not an option especially in the case of strict Beijing policy and website usage.

With the production they have created, one cannot but be amazed how smooth the experience is. Instantly, you know exactly what to expect, while keeping it exiting. The user is guided through a perfect maze of interactive presentations that ultimately leed to almost guaranteed conversions.

From our team, this selection was not easy, but we feel confident that we are happy with deciding the winner. It seems that businesses in China as well as especially in Beijing are blooming to heights that have never been seen in the western market. That’s why we have focused our attention there.

We hope that people take example of this case, and use it to create even more incredible productions. It’s been a fun year following the trends and market figures.. which came to such a wonderful end. Hope to bring something new and wonderful next year.

Also we are thinking about other events that we could create during this year, but nothing has been decided on. Please send us emails if you have any ideas. In the meanwhile, we will be working hard in our office as usual.

To actually go and visit the Shichahai Theatre online production and website. Please, click the link below.

Thank you and see you again!