New Published Product Showcase


Sometimes we wonder, if there are any exiting new projects that could help us move on to a better world in the field of production. We wanted to help to bring performing arts to a life that has never been seen before. While keeping busy and having tremendous results, we haven’t been very social on the fore front of advertising our own publications. It’s kind of like they speak for themsleves without the need of a third voice such as our website. But still we want to do more, and to enjoy more. And one such way is, to display more of our publications on our website. A simple thing to do, yet it required great effort from our busy work and personal lives. Hope this page will help even a little bit to correct that and showcase some of our work that is already well known on it’s own weight as a publication.

We are window to the dreams of company visibility as shown below.



Best of 2015


Every new year, we think hard what we have learned in the past year. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the previous achievements, what went better, want is worse.. and most importantly, what is the direction you want to head on to for the next year in the publication business. Rhapsody Productions has been on the forefront of creating ideas, and we only plan on developing more with increasing speed. The more we learn and absorb from our past, the more our future seems.

The year 2014 was very fruitful in that we made a lot of progress to create a very social atmosphere to our clients products. This is one area that has been going head on with steaming speed on the internet, and we have been following right with it!


Chaoyang Acrobatics China Beijing


Acrobatic Show in Beijing


We are extremely proud with our collaboration with the Chaoyang Theatre and their wonderful acrobatics show in Beijing. It has been one of the corner stones in our production line, to help strengthen their brand name and create that social atmosphere that is badly needed for any business to succeed. The Chinese market is not an easy one, with all the decision making in Beijing you have to keep on your feet to stay on top of the flow of things. Bringing balance to the local way of business and marketing, with our online productions having a social interface that can be easily used and benefited by people all over the world.

Exactly that has been a key point in our communication with the customer. It has taught us the most valuable lesson of 2014.. that has catapulted our business to a tremendous success in 2015. And for that we thank our dedicated production team at Rhapsody.. as well as the acrobatic show in the proud capital city of China. As things are going smoothly, full steam ahead… we have decided to bring forth several other theatre venues not just in Beijing but the rest of China.

While we are going strong, there is no reason to stop isn’t there! Therefore, the future years to come are going to be extremely interesting for everyone. At least this is our sincere passion and hope, that we will definitely live by.


See you next year!