Peking Opera Beijing

Beijing Opera

One of the most important venues in not only Beijing but in the whole of China, is the Beijing Peking Opera. It has given a great responsibility for touristic venues representing one of the oldest art forms in its history.

The prestigious Liyuan Theatre at the heart of the origins of Peking Opera boasts a magnificent repertoire that has been performed since 1990. We’ve taken the responsibility to carry out this historical message in style and provide a new customer base that’s interested in a culture dose of old Beijing customs.

Chaoyang Theatre

Chaoyang Theatre

Chaoyang Theatre in Beijing has a bright future ahead and an experienced history behind. Rhapsody Productions press team is proud to support one of the greatest acrobatic spectacles of our times.

The venue is has aged over the years but determined to grow into the new century of show spectacles. Thanks to us they can now concentrate on what they do best: Extreme stunts & Beautiful performance that is guaranteed to please the crowd. Also the communication between them and its international crowd has been improved to a pleasing level.

The Legend of Kung Fu

The Legend of Kung Fu Show

The world is most likely never going to see a more ambitious Kung Fu performance, created with the discipline and extreme dedication to the philosophy of traditional Chinese martial arts.

The story of the Red Theatre grows with no limit in its success. We are proud to continue to develop this legendary brand name of one of the most gifted performers in the world.

Legend of Jinsha

Legend of Jinsha

This acrobatic show has been performed by extremely skillful Chinese acrobats since 2002.The show has been profiled as the most mystic acrobatic show in China creating a lot of tension and curiosity amongst visitors.

The successful story was taken to new heights by it’s introduction to a wide international crowd in the recent years.